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Tax & Estate Planning

While many of us have seen our net worth increase dramatically in recent years, largely due to increased property values, we are often equally disappointed in the amount of our estates that are left to the tax man and not our loved ones.

At ML Financial Associates, we have always thought this to be unfair but largely avoidable in a great many cases. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the UK taxation system helps our clients to make plans for the safe and tax efficient distribution of their estate while they are alive rather than leaving these important decisions to the government when they have passed away.

There are many possible solutions to distribute your estate tax efficiently. At ML Financial Associates we will happily advise you on the most suitable methods, which will achieve your aims, while still enjoying your life

Inheritance Tax seems a tax only the wealthier will suffer, but it actually affects more of us every year. Do not let the tax man have more of your money! Please speak to us so that we can advise on how these taxes can be avoided. David, Craig and Simon have obtained an advanced taxation qualification, so are here to help.

The Financial Services Authority does not regulate some forms of tax advice or trusts.

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