ML Commits To Charter

To further evidence our ongoing support to you, whatever circumstance you might find yourself in, we are proud to have committed to the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce Charter, a newly created independent body for the personal finance sector.

The charter aims to promote a far greater understanding of what vulnerability is and establish and encourage appropriate behaviours amongst Finance Professionals such as ourselves, to help identify and work with clients in vulnerable circumstances.

We could all find ourselves in a vulnerable position at some point in our lives (divorce, loss of employment, illness, or even a sudden acquisition of wealth for example) and you can be fully confident that we are committed to provide you with a service that recognises your unique situation and will deliver the same outcomes you would expect had you not found yourself in a vulnerable position.

Having committed to the charter we agree to always abide by the nine commitments of the charter and we feel that this works hand in hand with the truly individual way we like to work with each of our clients as a matter of course.

  1. Making advice easier to understand
  2. Placing your interests above all else
  3. Understanding how your circumstances might make you vulnerable
  4. Not making assumptions about you
  5. Not labelling you
  6. Dealing with you sensitively
  7. Adapting processes and maintaining your confidentiality
  8. Ensuring staff are knowledgeable and appropriately trained
  9. Taking appropriate action if you are in harm’s way

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please do not hesitate to call one of our team on 01953 711123 or send us an email at and we will be happy to talk this through with you.


Whilst our Northampton office hours are largely the same as our Head Office in Wymondham, there are occasions when it is unmanned during the working week.

We would love to see you though – so if you do not have a meeting booked in at our Northampton office, but are thinking of popping in to see us or to drop something off to us, then please give us a call on 01953 711123 to check that there will be someone in the office for when you plan to visit.

Thank You