Our Financial Services

The relationship with our clients is extremely important and we do everything possible to give them a full understanding and peace of mind when dealing with ML Financial Associates for personal and business finance solutions.

We specialise in creating and protecting our client’s wealth by providing expert financial advice and creating innovative financial plans and services, whilst simultaneously protecting against any unforeseen circumstances or situations.

We regularly monitor and review your financial situation to ensure that you are achieving the maximum returns within the risk profile you are comfortable with. We will help provide specialist financial solutions, designed to meet your requirements.

We are truly independent, providing face-to-face advice, and our “Client Charter” is geared toward providing you with a level of service you would expect from a market-leading IFA practice.

At ML, we are fully aware of ongoing regulatory changes and actively embracing them, to provide realistic and professional financial advice. So whether it’s tighter controls in firms capital adequacy requirements, enhanced qualification levels for advisers or transparent remuneration methods for our clients at ML we ensure peace of mind for our clients with all matters regulatory, diligently observed.

We also subscribe to “Treating Clients Fairly” and further information is available on request.

If you are in need of expert financial advice, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of financial planners.

We, at ML, pride ourselves in both the level of our knowledge of the pensions market to help you to make better informed decisions for your retirement.
At ML, we have the knowledge, creativity and expertise to guide you through the vast array of investment options available to you to achieve your goals.
Family Protection
We offer a full and comprehensive “Protection Review” service which helps you to define how you would want life to look like if the worst happened.
Corporate Protection
In addition to protecting yours and your family’s future some clients have businesses that are just as important and should feature in your planning.
Tax & Estate Planning
While many of us have seen our net worth increase dramatically in recent years, largely due to increased property values, we are often equally disappointed.
Second Opinion Service
We, at ML, pride ourselves in both the level of our knowledge of the pensions market to help you to make better informed decisions for your retirement.


Whilst our Northampton office hours are largely the same as our Head Office in Wymondham, there are occasions when it is unmanned during the working week.

We would love to see you though – so if you do not have a meeting booked in at our Northampton office, but are thinking of popping in to see us or to drop something off to us, then please give us a call on 01953 711123 to check that there will be someone in the office for when you plan to visit.

Thank You