“ML have been different to any other Financial Advisers I have met in that they constantly create new opportunities for me to invest which satisfy my individual and entrepreneurial style while always ensuring that I fully understand the decisions I make.”

Karl Jermyn


“Having trusted ML with the financial planning of both my family and my business, I continue to be reassured that they not only fully understand and appreciate my specific needs but they spend time with me to ensure we remain on course with our objectives.”

Andrew McFarlane Holt


“Having settled for such a poor service and investment offering from my bank for so many years, I am delighted that a friend introduced me to ML as they now look after both my business and family affairs in such a different and innovative way when compared to my previous adviser.”

Darren Oliver


“At ML you explain and simplify complicated financial matters. Your knowledge of the financial world is impressive and your advice has been sound and appreciated.”

Don & Iris Allison


“At ML, the efficiency, attention to detail and always striving to do your best for your clients is a rare quality. The knowledge and experience in your field helps install immense confidence in others. “

Andy & Kaye Tillett


“As our financial advisers we find the attention to detail very reassuring and because of their experience we feel safe with their suggestions. They are extremely professional, very knowledgeable and an experts in their field.”

John & Ros Soanes


“At ML the obvious depth of knowledge of the financial markets and ability to simplify such a complex subject is impressive. The progress of my solutions has been regularly reported to me, so I have always felt reassured that my interests were being looked after.”

Peter Cockburn


“I have great faith in your undoubted expertise and feel a deep sense of gratitude for your valued input and for readily coming to our assistance at such a critical time.”

Adrian & Shirley Goldring

We, at ML, pride ourselves in both the level of our knowledge of the pensions market to help you to make better informed decisions for your retirement.
At ML, we have the knowledge, creativity and expertise to guide you through the vast array of investment options available to you to achieve your goals.
Family Protection
We offer a full and comprehensive “Protection Review” service which helps you to define how you would want life to look like if the worst happened.
Corporate Protection
In addition to protecting yours and your family’s future some clients have businesses that are just as important and should feature in your planning.
Tax & Estate Planning
While many of us have seen our net worth increase dramatically in recent years, largely due to increased property values, we are often equally disappointed.
Second Opinion Service
We, at ML, pride ourselves in both the level of our knowledge of the pensions market to help you to make better informed decisions for your retirement.


Whilst our Northampton office hours are largely the same as our Head Office in Wymondham, there are occasions when it is unmanned during the working week.

We would love to see you though – so if you do not have a meeting booked in at our Northampton office, but are thinking of popping in to see us or to drop something off to us, then please give us a call on 01953 711123 to check that there will be someone in the office for when you plan to visit.

Thank You