At ML Financial Associates, we specialise in pension planning. Our experts can help you navigate the complex landscape of pensions, ensuring that you receive financial freedom through tailored, well-chosen options.

Your Pension Portfolio

Pensions are designed to help you save sufficient money to live comfortably after you have retired from work. There are many different options you can use to save for retirement, but the taxation and investment elements can vary greatly between pension plans. Therefore, whilst every option was designed to help save, not every option will be right for you.

At ML Financial Associates, we pride ourselves in the level of our knowledge and expertise in the pensions market, including our ability to keep up with its changes. It is not a market that stands still: we follow and interpret the regular legislative changes, which helps our clients to make better informed decisions when planning for their retirement.

We find that most clients are looking for “financial freedom” in retirement, but this means something different to everyone. We work with you to map out your goals and vision for the future, then help you find the right plan to make this vision a reality.

Our financial advisors provide our clients with the most suitable retirement options for their needs from a wide range of pension options, including:

  • Individual & Group Personal Pensions
  • Executive Pension Schemes
  • Stakeholder Pensions
  • Self-Invested Personal Pensions


Financial climates and personal circumstances are both subject to change. With this in mind, it is advisable to review your pension and retirement plan to ensure it continues to match your individual risk profile and remains the most suitable option for you.

Whether retirement is just around the corner or it seems like a lifetime away, call our retirement advisors to ensure you are making the most of the pension opportunities currently available to you. It is never too soon to start building for the future – our advisors can assess your current plans and let you know whether you are on track.

At ML Finance Associates, we care about your retirement planning process and can provide you with a detailed plan to secure your future finance.

Our offices are based in Northampton and Wymondham, UK. Get in touch with our advisors today for a friendly chat about your personal pension and retirement plan, either over the phone or by popping into one of our Norfolk & Northamptonshire locations.



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