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Enhancing your financial journey, ML’s Second Opinion Service draws on our extensive specialist knowledge and experience to assess your current financial standing to ensure a secure future.

Get a Second Expert Financial Opinion

Communication for us is key. We want to be with our clients to support them through every step of their financial journey.

In an evolving world with a challenging economy, what may have worked for you in the past may no longer be suitable. Recent times have been challenging for us all and have left many people feeling worried, frustrated and overwhelmed on all sorts of issues, including their finances – and this is where we can help.

Where It All Started

During 2020, when we were all in the grip of the pandemic, we communicated with our clients on a weekly basis, whether it was on what was happening in the financial world, what was happening here at ML, or just to call to check that our clients were ok and whether they needed anything.

From these conversations, we were amazed to hear that clients’ friends and family members with other financial advisors were left on their own in these uncertain times, with other firms taking the approach of sticking their head in the sand until the challenging situation went away.

We realised we could help, and this is why we launched The ML Second Opinion Service.

What We Offer

As an independent and impartial advice firm, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to determine whether your current financial arrangements and/or your current financial advisor or planner are working towards your goals in this ‘new world’ we are all now living in, and the new lifestyle you have had to adopt.

Our Second Opinion Service offers a complimentary meeting, either face to face or virtually, to establish your current financial situation and whether it is on course for you to achieve what you want from your finances.

We will feedback our findings and let you know whether we feel your current financial plan is in good shape and likely to meet your goals, and if there is anything different that we would recommend you do. After that, it is over to you – there is no obligation for you to do anything. Advisor. However, if we provide any recommendations which you would like us to take forward then we would be delighted to do so.

The Process

  1. We will arrange a free consultation meeting with you to establish your financial situation.
  2. At this meeting, we will carry out a full financial review of your situation. However, what you currently have in place may be the best solution and we may not make any further recommendations. We won’t ever recommend something to you unless we feel you truly need it.
  3. If we have any recommendations for changing any elements of your current financial plan, then it is your choice what to do moving forwards, but we are here to help if needed.

Whether you currently have a financial advisor, look after your finances yourself or if you feel you need some help and assistance, we suggest that now is the best time to let our experienced professionals provide you with some peace of mind, and see if we can make your money and your finances work better for you.

This is an exclusive service that we offer in order for you to get a second opinion on your finances with no obligation – if you would like to take advantage our new service, then get in touch today.

Our offices are based in Northampton and Wymondham, UK. Talk with us over the phone, online, or booking to visit one of our Norfolk & Northamptonshire locations. 

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